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Dartford Bridge Primary

Performance Tables

Performance tables for schools are produced in December, following the end of an academic year.

Primary School Performance Tables

Primary school performance tables provide information on the performance of children in junior and primary schools following Key Stage 2. Most children at this stage will be in their last year of primary education (i.e. Year 6).

The tables show the percentage of children achieving the expected standard or above in tests for English, mathematics and science.

key stage 2 comparative report 2023 dbcps.pdf

key stage 1 comparative report 2023 dbcps.pdf


How to Access School Performance Tables

* Please note that due to the school becoming part of the Cygnus Academies Trust it is now recognised as a new school (as of 1st October 2019) so you may not find the complete set of data for the school.

Performance tables of schools and colleges in all LEAs, including secondary schools in the independent sector, are available from the Department for Education.

The DfE website contains details about how the results in the tables are found and how to interpret the information contained in tables.
Dartford Bridge Community Primary School Performance Table