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Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can affect a child or young person’s ability to learn.

They can affect their:

  • behaviour or ability to socialise, for example they struggle to make friends
  • reading and writing, for example because they have dyslexia
  • ability to understand things
  • concentration levels, for example because they have ADHD
  • physical ability

Our SENCO (SEN Coordinator):  Mrs Blake-Morris

Additional Downloads


Children’s Therapies – The Pod : films, resources and links that can help your child to achieve their therapy goals.PD Net : provides professionals in education with support in promoting positive outcomes for children and young people with a physical disability.ADHD Foundation : an integrated health and education service offering a unique lifespan – strength based service, for the 1 in 5 people who live with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Tourette’s syndrome.British Dyslexia : information, resources and training available to help you to ensure that your child is able to reach their full potential.National Autistic Society : the UK’s largest provider of specialist autism services.Beams : Beams is a local charity that supports disabled children, young people and their families.Information Advice and Support Kent : We provide free, impartial and confidential information, advice and support about special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) for children, young people up to age 25, parents and carers.Kent Local Offer – Kent’s Local offer is all about making it easier for people to find out about services available to 0-25 year-olds with special educational needs and disabilities.

You can find out about their:

  • arrangements for identifying and assessing children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
  • how to access services and how we make decisions
  • services to support young people prepare for adulthood and independence
  • arrangements for resolving disagreements, complaints, mediation and appealing to the SEN Tribunal
  • sources of support, advice and information

Did You Know?

  • There are over 21,000 Children and Young People in Kent who have SEN support at school.
  • There are over 6,000 C&YP who have a Statement or EHCP.
  • There are over 3,000 C&YP who attend special schools.
  • 70% of C&YP who have SEN come from single parent families.
  • In Kent, 9.6% of pupils have SEN support, compared with 12.6% nationally
  • And 2.8% of pupils have a statement or EHCP, which is the same as the national figure.
  • There are approx. 4,200 pupils with SEN who get transport to school.
  • This costs the county approx. £23 million per year.

Data taken from Facts and Figures 2016, Education and Young People’s Services, KCC.