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Dartford Bridge Primary


I am human because I belong…
My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours

Ubuntu at Dartford Bridge Community Primary School

We believe phrases such as “I am, because you are, because we are” and “it takes a whole village to raise a child” summarises the thinking here at DBCPS as well as points to a practical application of our human interconnectedness.

Through Ubuntu we are able to harness previously untapped resources within ourselves and within others. It is a way of being and acting that enables us to think and behave differently as we co-create the world we need now.

Outcomes include:

  • Students who are emotionally ready for learning and want to learn.
  • Enthused, more creative, higher achieving and more aspirational students.
  • A more engaged school community.
  • Wider engagement with local communities leading to increased collaboration and additional resources.
  • Leadership that sees and resolves issues from a whole systems perspective leading to greater integration within and between schools.

Ubuntu Leaders’ Roles and Responsibilities

  • They are good role models in their class and around the school and are respectful and friendly to all.
  • They show positive friendships and treat others how they want to be treated.
  • They make everyone feel that they belong at our school including current pupils, staff and parents but also new pupils, staff, parents.
  • They welcome visitors into our school.
  • They have good teamwork in school and show how we are all interconnected in our community.
  • They help others in school.
  • They help to our school to feel like a big family.

Words from our Pupils

I look forward to Ubuntu because we’re the first school to make it our term topic and I would like to learn more about it. Nafay.

Ubuntu is an African philosophy.  It is celebrated all over South Africa. Ubuntu is about kindness and caring.  We can include it in our school by doing more group work, doing paired work and mixing with other classes. I want to learn more about Ubuntu and about how it’s celebrated.  Sruti.

Ubuntu involves everyone sharing feelings and I think we should hold large assemblies so we can share and become a better school.  Edirin.

I am looking forward to learning about Ubuntu because I think it will make me a better person. Megan.

Ubuntu is friendship and if you are happy then we are happy, but if you are sad we are sad. Callum.

Ubuntu is when you don’t just think about yourself, you think about everyone. Zahra.

Ubuntu is about being a family, where we feel each others’ feelings.  It includes being kind, thinking and caring for others. Amy.