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Dartford Bridge Primary

Online Safety Zone

Online Safety Worry Box

We have an internet and online safety worry box upstairs, near the Year 6 outside learning area, where you can let us know about any worries or concerns you have around online safety.  Fill out the form, pop it in the box, and an adult will get back to you.

Be Internet Legends

Test your online safety skills with Interland! An amazing game where you must steer your character safely through some of the dangers of the online world.

Online Safety Links

Lots of links and resources for both parents/carers and for children, including parent guides, discussion points, tips on how to secure your home computers and much more.

Games Consoles

Information about activating and setting up parental controls on most of today’s popular games consoles.  This can include restriction access to inappropriate games/apps, managing their friends lists and even controlling the amount of time they are allowed to play.

Internet Providers

Links to the most popular internet service providers.  Most have point of access parental controls and filtering that can be enabled that will make internet browsing that little bit safer for all the devices in your household.

Mobile Devices

Information to help you secure your mobile devices and make them more child-friendly.

Keeping Children Safe

Setting ground rules, making your home internet experiences safer, listening to your children and having a dialogue with them about their interests or favourite sites can all help towards creating safe, independent online users.