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Dartford Bridge Primary


  • iLeaders will make sure ICT equipment used in class is returned safely and stored correctly in the proper location.
  • Key Stage 2 iLeaders will have an understanding of the school hall AV in order to support and manage assemblies and other events (music, projector, lights, screen etc.).
  • iLeaders are regular users of the school website (including the blog) and try to encourage other pupils to do the same.
  • iLeaders are willing to support, and be part of, any future ICT events for parents and the local community.
  • iPad/Laptops Specific: iLeaders to ensure that the iPads are returns and carefully put back in to the storage unit (e.g. iPads inserted in to storage and charging lead plugged in carefully).  Laptops to be returned and correctly placed in the trolley with the charging cable plugged in and no leads left outside.
  • iLeaders will be expected to report back termly to ICT support/coordinator on apps/software being used successfully, any other resources the class might require and any issues with equipment.