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Dartford Bridge Primary

Sports Leaders

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sports Leaders ensure that sports equipment provided at playtimes and lunchtimes is maintained, used in an appropriate way and returned and stored correctly in its designated location.
  • Sports Leaders will support members of staff in replenishing and organising resources in PE cupboards to be used in PE lessons across the school
  • Sports Leaders are required to be outstanding role models for peers and should be proud of their position. They should model sportsmanship for others at all times and use encouragement and positive praise to ensure that others follow their example.
  • Sports Leaders will be expected to lead assemblies and write articles for completed/upcoming sporting events that the school or wider community are involved in 
  • Sports Leaders will meet twice a year to conduct a pupil voice survey. These surveys will be used to discuss how the children feel PE and Sports are taught throughout their school and allow the pupils an opportunity to share their opinions on how things could be improved.
  • Sports Leaders will be a point of contact for peers and will be expected to feedback to staff.
  • Sports Leaders will support, and be part of, any future sports events for their peers, parents and the local community.