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Dartford Bridge Primary

Nursery Holi the Hindu festival

Nursery have had so much fun this week learning all about Holi the Hindu festival of colour!
We started the week by listening to the story of Holi and learning all about Holika and Prahlad, we watched a video all about a little boy and his family and how they celebrated Holi. We learnt that people throw paint, share food, go to temple to pray, and light bonfires. We explored mixing colours using shaving foam and paint which was so exciting! Then on Friday we looked at Rangoli patterns and then we had a go making our own in the tuff tray! It was rather messy, but so much fun!
This is what some of the Nursery children had to say about their favourite part of learning about Holi
"I liked it when we were throwing the paint"- H.
"About paint"- A.
"Painting"- A.
"They share food"- L.
"He threw paint in his Daddy's face"- R.