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Dartford Bridge Primary

STEM Week 2022

Pupils in the Nursery have had a fantastic week of STEM activities. On Monday they learned all about which animals lay eggs, that eggs come in different sizes and colours and that dinosaurs came from eggs too. They then place an egg into water and waited for it to hatch. It was very exciting and pupils were amazed when a dinosaur hatched out.

On Tuesday pupils met Smartie the Penguin and learnt all about staying safe online.

Pupils have experimented to see how much water it takes to wash Incy Wincy Spider down the water spout. Found out which objects will float or sink and then discovered how to rescue a toy from a bucket of water without touching it, by raising the level of the water by putting objects into the bucket. They have been challenged to make models of rainbows and shapes. Finally on Friday we dressed up in our future career outfits. The NHS has a few new doctors and nurses, NASA has more astronauts and engineers, the emergency services have new candidates and the building industry won’t run out of builders any time soon. What an amazing week it has been!

Nursery STEM Week 2022