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Dartford Bridge Primary

Year 2 Maidstone Museum trip

First, we excitedly got on the huge, red double decker bus. The journey was long and bumpy. When we arrived at the museum, we met Vicky and Sarah who showed us to our classrooms and we put down our bags. Next, we looked at some cool ancient Egyptian objects. We had to decide if they were artefacts or replicas. Once we had decided what they were we had to put them on cards showing how people we mummified. The artefacts were 3000 years old! They looked more worn than the replicas and some parts were broken.


“Amulets were put in the bandages for good luck.”



Then we went upstairs to our next workshop. We mummified oranges and it was extremely messy. We had to make a hole where the stalk is using an apple corer. We had to stuff our fingers inside to loosen all of the orange parts and scooped it out. Using salt we dried the inside of the orange before we stuffed it with newspaper. There was a lot of newspaper to push inside. Finally we wrapped the orange with a bandage. We had to cover any holes and cracks twice then keep wrapping the stretchy bandage until the whole orange was covered. Sarah and Vicky told us we had to put the orange in the cupboard for three weeks so it could turn hard like a real mummy.


“Mummifying the orange was my favourite activity.”



“It was disgusting!”



After our workshops we went outside to the beautiful gardens. We found a space on the grass and we ate our packed lunches. We had sandwiches, drinks, fruit and biscuits. It was fun and delicious. We even had time to play on the grass with our friends!


At 1 o’clock we walked back into the museum to explore all of the exhibits. There were lots of different types of artefacts. Some of us saw dinosaur objects from prehistoric times.


“My favourite part was all of the stuffed animals.”



We went into a room full of ‘local history’ and we saw handcuffs and a toilet from the past. There was even a prison door that we could stand behind and pretend we were in jail. We saw some canopic jars and there were replica jars that we could put soft organs in. The real canopic jars were much larger than the replicas. At the back of the museum there was a real ancient Egyptian mummy from 3000 years ago. There was a video that showed us what the person looked like when they were alive and gave some facts about their life.


“I loved dressing up, I wore a black hairband.”



Finally we had to leave the museum and come back home. Some people were crying because they wanted to see more of the museum. It was a really fun and busy day on our first school trip! We all had such a great time.


“It was a really good trip!”

                                   Clare (Frank’s mum)


Year 2 Maidstone Museum Trip