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Year 6 Activities


Year 6 Activities


Yesterday we went to the motor factory near the school we were taken into a room and we met Muiz . We were then led to a room where we met the other employees and they did a brief summary about the equipment in the factory.

 After that we went on a tour where we saw different things they made inside . We then walked through the storage room and was led back to where the office room . Then we had a break and ate some snacks and met the MD and we did some Q&A ( questions and answers ) . When the MD left we were then put into pairs and made a motors ourself we were all able to do it with a bit of help . We then finally left and returned to school and taught the year 4 pe which was tennis . Cheryl Yr6

Yesterday we went to the SEM. Our class got our bags and exited the school to go here. When we arrived someone greeted us and told us to enter. When we got inside, a couple of people told us about what to do. They guided us upstairs to a room where they presented a presentation about the building. A couple of minutes later, we walked into a massive warehouse filled with machinery and robots. It was so cool!
Then when everyone felt hungry for a snack, we went back to the room and got to eat snacks they provided us such as cookies, chocolate bars, fruit shoots and biscuits. After we all had finished our snack they showed us a short video of how to make a rotor motor. Then they told us to make it ourselves and gave each group a set. They showed us how to make it step by step and when we finally finished it, it was time to go back to school. After all it was really fun!!!  Riwaaj Yr6


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Day 2 - Pizza Making!



Day 1 - Rock Climbing-Year 6 activities

Today in Year 6 we went to Bluewater(Gravity) Rock Climbing with 16 Year 6 students. We were eager, excited climbers, each conquering the different walls.We started of with two helpful volunteers from Gravity who helped and taught us how to use our safety harnesses. Then they gave us a few instructions:

  • Put your hand up when you want to switch walls.
  • When you’re at the top there is a red button to press that will mark you have reached the highest point.
  • When finished the wall let go and use your legs to push you down so you land safety.

After that the eager climbers each picked a wall, some were easier than others eg. Some hah hand holders whereas the other you just needed to use your pure strength and grip.

Many of us (including me ) were quick, agile climbers and managed to finish various walls at different speeds however some were scared of heights and were rather reluctant but many of us faced our fears . A few of us already had some past experience but majority were facing the wall of dooms for the first though we all had fun.

When we finished our superb session we went to a small area with tables were a few of us had a light snack and shared with our friends. Then we journeyed of to a park and played IT however we were mindful of the other children there: we stayed there for 25-30 minutes. After the running we were extremely hungry and tucked into our delicious lunches and engaged in conversation and a few of us went on a toilet run .Then we headed of to another park and played a game our wonderful teacher Mrs Mohideen suggested. Finally she trudged back to the bus station and headed on a peaceful bus drive home. All in all it was a lovely experience and I would love to go rock climbing someday soon 😀.


Marli – Year 6