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Dartford Bridge Primary

Year 6 Creating Powerful Imagery

Here in Year 6 we have been learning and experimenting with various art techniques such as chiaroscuro which was invented by Leonardo da Vinci and is light and dark colours which makes the art piece look 3D .We have experimented with the art form Chiaroscuro and we used this technique on the Mayan symbols.

We have also discovered Mayan artwork and the different symbols. We’ve had fun finding out which symbols represent us and our personality traits and have had fun trying to draw them with multiple natural art resources: leaves,

Year 6 Creating Powerful Imagery


flowers, sticks, newspaper and other recycled resources .

Some also had fun drawing on a canvas with various art mediums of Mayan drawing and this was hanged in our staircase display.

Later on in our exciting art journey we had fun finding out how symbolism can convey meaning and making a collage with multiple drawings that display us and our hobbies/likes.

This lead to us creating our finished piece which was all of our techniques we have experiment and used. We chose various messages which gave off a positive message and conveyed various quotes .