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Dartford Bridge Primary

Year 3

Welcome to DBCPS:

When you approach the school please bare left past the youth centre when arriving at the beginning and the end of the day:
Please follow the yellow and blue markings around the hedge row, they will lead you to a chequered yellow box:
You may walk through this yellow box but please note that this is a junction so please stop before entering the box and check no one else is approaching the box from another direction. There must only be one person in the box at any time:
Alternatively, if you approach the school from the greenway direction/path, please take an immediate left then join the gravel path that leads up to the green gates:
Continue past the junction and through the side gate to the building and turn right past the kitchen:
You will see a blue arrow and a yellow arrow and all Year 3 children and parents are to follow the blue arrow. This will guide you past the school building by the car park and up to the double gates onto the playground:
Continue through the gates and follow the blue arrow and markings towards the blue box in front of the doors entering the school:
When you get to the blue box please promptly stand in the box with your child and your child will be continue into the building on their own:
You will then continue along the blue markings to the small gate which will lead you to your way out:
Continue past the Reception play area exiting via the fast track gate:
For the end of the day pick up, please follow the same route into the school but please wait in the quiet area adhering to the 2m social distancing rules. There are blue and red dots in this area to help. Class teachers will call out the name of your child’s class when ready to be collected and we ask that parents come over individually to collect your child before exiting the school: