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Dartford Bridge Primary


All the pupils in the DBCPS community, including SEN and disadvantaged pupils, will participate and learn the following concepts and themes through their journey here.

They will study different religious topics throughout their time at DBCPS that will build on previous learning, help them in the future and always engage and excite their learning in the present.

At DBCPS we aim:

  • To develop all children’s abilities to engage in meaningful and informed discussions religions and world views.
  • To teach all children to develop the understanding and skills needed to appreciate and appraise different religions and respond sensitively to questions arising from world views.

We do this through the following key concepts:

  • Knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and world views.
  • Expressing ideas and insights about the nature, significance and impact of religions and world views.
  • Gaining and deploying the skills needed to engage seriously with religions and worldviews.

Our RE curriculum teaches many key skills including:

  • Exploring and investigating key concepts and questions of belonging, meaning, purpose and truth, responding creatively.
  • Enquiring into what enables different individuals and communities to live together respectfully for the wellbeing of all.
  • Articulating beliefs, values and commitments clearly in order to explain why they may be important in their own and other people’s lives.


In Years 1-6 we teach RE weekly. This means that skills and knowledge are regularly practised, fluency is built through regular opportunities to practise.

In EYFS we learn about our lives, friendships and things that are special to us and our local community. We will then be learning about stories, people, places and times that are special and significant to us. We look at a variety of different celebrations including Christmas and Diwali. This gives us a strong foundation to learn about the beliefs of others. 

In Year 1 we learn about faith communities and what it means to be part of a faith community. We learn about the beliefs of Christians through a selection of Bible stories before learning about sacred celebrations like Easter. Towards the end of Year 1 we look at sacred places and begin to understand what makes a place sacred. 

In Year 2 we will be learning about Islam through the Qu’ran and some key celebrations.  We will also be learning about Jewish religion through the Torah and some Key celebrations. We will be using this to compare similarities and differences between Islam, Jews and Christian stories taught last year. 

In Year 3 we will deepen our understanding about world religions about things we cannot see but believe in and reasoning about what it is like to follow a religion today like what it means to be a Christian in Britain today or what people believe about God. At the end of the year children reflect on their knowledge of the Bible and look at prayer in a section of religions. 

In Year 4 we learn about what it means to be a Hindu today and what religions teach us about right and wrong. They explain why religions compare life to a journey and look at the festivals that are important to religious communities.

In Year 5 we begin to think more deeply about religions and consider what makes people think that God exists. We explain how Christians still live by the values of Jesus in the 21st century and think about religion in modern Britain.

In Year 6 we learn about how beliefs are expressed and look at religion artwork and religious acts. We think about the things that Christians and Humanists find most important. We look at how religion helps people in difficult times and what religion says when life gets hard.